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For a better quality of life, since 1989

ChIP(Chisholm-Ito-Putnam) Medical Services for the Arts: Boston

Closed for walk in consultations . Phone consultations available for minor medical problems with prescriptions.  A physician is on call 24/7 please call 617 247 1400 for all offices. Regular walk in schedule resuming May 20, 2016.

General Medical, Psychiatric, and Addiction Medical Care

Affordable Health Care tailored for Artists

By a Physician , SAG-AFTRA member,  who will prescribe strictly what you really need in coordination with Ch.I.P. M.S.A. Staff Psychiatrists.

In memory of Dr. Tague C. Chisholm, MD, Physician and Artist; Cheryl Ito, Film maker; Marilyn Putnam, Wardrobe Director, Columbia Pictures / All My Children

ChIP Medical Services for the Arts by Telehealth only

ChIP Medical Services for the Arts

629 Pleasant Street
Brockton, MA 02301
T 617-247-1400 (switchboard)


Tue, Wed, Thu, Sun
By appointment

On call by phone 24 hours for established patients, and 7am-11pm for prospective patients.

Get a 50% discount by paying cash, or by debit/credit card or check.

We accept all medical insurance policies, however some insurers don't pay for 'out of network' visits. HMO patients need a referral to our facility to prevent nonpayment by the medical insurer. Read the fine lines of your policy and call your insurer to make sure your medical charges will be paid. The trend by insurers is to refuse payment to Doctors who are forced to send you a bill reluctantly.

For patients who have received a bill from us, please call for a settlement.

A sliding fee scale and free care is available on a case by case basis. War veterans, health professionals and teachers get a 50% discount.

Thank you for your patronage.