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For Doctors

Guidelines for requesting to be added to TheDocIsIn.US service list:

  • At TheDocIsIn.US we promise our first visit will be comprehensive and end with instructions for disease prevention/management and health maintenance.
  • Verify patient is member of our network TheDocIsIn.US
  • Verify patient’s identity.
  • Please establish your own system of your identification to the patient (i.e. code word, etc).
  • If patient lives alone and wants to be seen, have an authorization form ready. You may choose to call a VNA Nurse in your area (RN, LPN) or a Medical Assistant.
  • Give patient your website address for familiarity with your academic and clinical background. State board of registration offices also have your profile on line and would be sufficient.
  • Please be reminded to bring all necessary equipment.
  • House call equipment and supplies may be purchased at a discount at our online store, associated pharmacies and medical supply stores.
  • Please use pharmacies that deliver filled prescriptions to patients at home.
  • Please be reminded to bring your Palm Pilot which contains vital clinical information and links to 911, your local police department, and ambulances and hospitals.
  • At TheDocIsIn.US we strive to accommodate patient’s ability to pay within our pricing guidelines for services so anyone ill enough who wishes could receive a MD house call visit.
  • The doctor’s note of the patient’s complaint, physical exam and diagnosis, treatment, and disposition must be filed immediately after the visit with TheDocIsIn.US electronically. This information will be used for peer review and quality assurance.