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Patient Rights

As a patient you are entitled to the following patient rights from your Dochousecall.US/ Physician:

  • to request the specialty, if any, of the physician or other person responsible for your care or the coordination of your care
  • to have all your medical records and communications kept confidential to the extent provided by law
  • to have all your requests answered promptly and adequately within the capacity of a Participating Dochousecall.US/ Physician
  • to obtain a copy of any rules or regulations adopted by a Participating Dochousecall.US/ Physician’s office which apply to your conduct as a patient
  • to request and receive any information a Participating Dochousecall.US/ Physician has available regarding financial assistance and free health care
  • to inspect your medical records and to receive a copy of your records for a fee determined by the Participating Dochousecall.US/ Physician’s office
  • to refuse to be examined, observed, or treated by students or any other staff without jeopardizing access to medical care and attention
  • to refuse to serve as a research subject and to refuse any care or examination in which the primary purpose is educational rather than therapeutic
  • to privacy during medical treatment
  • to prompt life-saving treatment in any emergency without any discrimination based on economic status or source of payment; and without delaying treatment to discuss source of payment, unless delay will not cause a risk to your health
  • to informed consent to the extent provided by the law
  • to request and receive an itemized copy of your bill or statement of charges including third party payments towards the bill, regardless of the sources of payment
  • to to request and receive an explanation of the relationship, if any, of the physician to any health care facility or educational institutions of this relationship relates to your care or treatment.